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Being in this type of business, I can’t help but analyse all of the different opportunities that arise as a result of a new application or website. As a sequel to my article about How can be used to make money, I would like to introduce to you 3 hypothetical ways to make money with

Please note that these are just hypothetical methods and not anything I’ve actually tested myself as the app hasn’t been released yet. This means that I’m not endorsing any of these ideas, so if you use them, you do so at your own risk.

3 Hypothetical Ways To Make Money With

Selling Online Reputation Management Services

If you offer online reputation management services, then I can see this application playing out in your favour as this app will most likely be used as a tool for trolls anyway. Desperate people will practically be lining up at your office begging for your services, so if there’s a demand, someone needs to supply it.

Advertising Self-Help E-books

This one is a bit on the devious side, but people with negative reviews on are more than likely not going to be too happy with those negative reviews about their personality, so of course a few self-help e-books could help them.

Selling Positive Reviews

Yeah, you guys didn’t think I’d include this one, but I did. While the legality of this is questionable, the FTC technically cannot regulate the reviews of a person online if nothing is being bought or sold. This means that, assuming this Peeple app manages to avoid any legal issues, you’ll most likely be able to avoid any trouble with the FTC if you decide to sell fake positive reviews.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the creators of Peeple won’t come after you and sue for damages like Facebook does with fake ‘likes’, so there’s still that problem.

Alistair Kavalt