How You Can Make Money on Black Hat World

  • How You Can Make Money on Black Hat World

Some people say internet forums are dead, but we say that there are still many active and profitable forums out there. In fact, we know from experience that’s the case. One such forum is Black Hat World. If you haven’t heard of it, this is an internet marketing forum that focuses on black hat internet marketing tactics.

One thing you should know is that building up an account on Black Hat World is really easy money in 2024. Not only is it profitable, but it’s easy as well. We’re confident that anyone can follow this guide.

So in this guide, we’re going to teach you how to create an account, build up its reputation, and how to make money on Black Hat World making only the most minimal investment you have to.

What You’ll Need:

  • $177 ($147 for membership and $30 for a sales listing).*
  • Patience

*Don’t worry if you don’t have this right away. You’ll have plenty of time to get it.

Make sure you read this entire guide before proceeding. Whilst we can say that this method has worked for us in the past, we cannot make any guarantees as to your success.

Our 10 Step Guide To Make Money on Black Hat World

Step 1: Create An Account

Creating an account is straightforward, but you want to create an account the right way.

First, go to and click the “register” button at the top-right side of the homepage.

Enter your e-mail address. If you want, an e-mail provider that’s easy to set up e-mail accounts with is Proton Mail if you just need to make a quick and secure one. Don’t use 10 minute mail or another temporary e-mail address as you’ll want to be able to receive e-mails from the platform later on.

Create a password. If you don’t want to remember yet another password, use an app like 1Password.

Put in your date of birth. If you don’t want to use your real one, that’s fine, just put something in that you’ll remember in case you ever need to recover your account using their support desk.

The reCaptcha verification is easy. Click the box and follow the prompt.

Step 2: Start Posting

This is the step we know people struggle with because they’re simply not sure what or where to post. A common strategy people use to get their first few posts is to create an introductions thread, but introducing yourself can be too much pressure for some people.

The easiest solution to this posting problem that we’ve found is to go to the Main Forums List and find a subforum for something you know about. For example, we know about blogging because, well, you’re reading our blog right now; so naturally, we would go to the Blogging subforum.

Once you find a subforum that appeals to you, simply read through the thread titles and find one that seems like something you can respond to. Right now, there’s one on the first page of the blogging subforum asking about what everyone’s favourite AI plugins for blogging are. We’re not using any, but we do know of some such as OpenAI, so we’d just simply pop in there and respond with that.

Now, it’s important to mention that you should not just generically respond with “OpenAI”. You want to put more effort into your post than that. Instead, we would post something like the following:

OpenAI is my favourite plugin. I know it’s a pretty basic one, but I find that it’s simple to use and haven’t had a reason to switch to anything else yet.

A simple post, yet one that contributes to the discussion.

Common Post Count Mistakes

Once you get the hang of posting, remember not to make these common mistakes:

  • Posting in The Lounge. Posts in this section will not count toward your post count.
  • Posting too much, too soon. This will result in members reporting you for post count inflation and may cause you to receive what’s called an infraction on your profile. These infractions are marks against your profile that limit your ability to start a marketplace thread for as long as they are active. Obviously, you don’t want that since you’re planning on eventually selling there, so interact genuinely with the platform and you should be fine.
  • Posting “thank you for sharing”. These will just get deleted by the moderation team.
  • Posting short responses (e.g., under 10 words). It’s fine if you do this every now and then, just don’t do it more than once every dozen or so posts.

Step 3: Get to 100 Posts in 60 Days

Why, you ask? These are the current requirements for Jr. VIP on Black Hat World.

But don’t just stop at 100 posts. You’re here to build up a legitimate reputation, and having a higher post count will help with that. Also, as we explained in step 2, it’s very easy to post on Black Hat World if you know what you’re doing. Spending 10 minutes a day creating 5 posts means you can easily get 300 post on your account without spending too much of your time each day posting on the forum.

Why Make More Posts?

If you’re not sure why you’re building up your post count higher than the minimum, then know that you want to build up a reputation here for 5 reasons:

  1. It will get you more money in step 5.
  2. It will get you more sales in step 9.
  3. Members will be more trusting of you if you have a higher post count. Keep in mind that your reaction score also matters.
  4. You can build connections on the forum with other members.
  5. People will be more interested in your services if you can show you know something.

Step 4: Purchase Jr. VIP

Finally, you’re at the step where you can purchase a Jr. VIP membership. To do this, go to the account upgrades page on your account.

However, make sure you purchase Jr. VIP, not premium membership ($97, but you can’t create a marketplace thread) or marketplace seller membership ($749, and it’s for people who don’t meet the requirements for Jr. VIP).

If you want to pay with cryptocurrency or you want an invoice, you can do this by contacting their support desk, just know that it’ll take longer to get your membership.

Step 5: Make That Money Back ASAP

Note: if you want to create a marketplace thread as soon as possible, skip this step entirely.

Yeah, that $147 was a lot of money, right? If only there were an easy way to make some of it back…

Oh wait ,there is.

Assuming you’ve been building up your account like we told you to, you should know there’s an easy way to make that money back by renting your signature space out.

That’s right, this is permitted on the platform, and it’s a really easy income source.

How To Advertise A Signature For Rent

To do this, first you need to get to your signature space by logging into your account and following this generic link or go to your account settings and click on “signature”.

Now all you have to do is write “signature for rent” in your signature space.

Again, if you’ve been building up your account, it should only be a matter of time before someone notices and offers to rent your signature space out. We’ve found that it takes anywhere from a few hours to a week for someone to contact you with an offer.

If you want, you can also submit a listing in their signature rental marketplace advertising your signature for rent. We’ve found that this increases the odds of someone contacting you, but keep in mind that it’s an extra $30 for the listing once it’s approved by their marketplace team.

Offers You’ll Receive

What can you expect from an offer? If your account has less than a few hundred posts, expect someone to offer you around $30-$60 per month for your signature space. How much you’re offered will depend on your account’s popularity, total post count, average posts per day, status, and reaction score. We’ve found that signature advertisers mainly focus on how much you post in a day and your total post count the most, though.

As you build your account up, you can expect higher offers, but we’d recommend just renting your signature space out for a single month. This will give you enough time to complete steps 6 through 8, although it shouldn’t take a full month to complete those steps.

If you would prefer not offering a service on the forum, you can instead stick with this step by building up your account’s post count, becoming active on the platform, and waiting for a high offer to come in. The most we’ve ever been offered was $300/month, but we’ve heard of others who were receiving $600/month.

Step 6: Find a Service You Can Offer

Finding a service you can offer can be a daunting task. If you don’t have any pre-existing services or internet marketing products you can offer, then what you can do is look through their marketplace categories and see what’s accepted.

One thing to note is that we do not recommend offering a content writing service at this moment. This type of service is volatile due to the popularity of AI chat programs such as ChatGPT.

If you lack any skills whatsoever, then what you can do is write an e-book. We’ve read many e-books on Black Hat World, and in terms of writing quality, they vary wildly. Seriously, as long as you have some kind of unique method to write about, people will want to buy it.

Step 7: Build That Product or Service

This next part depends entirely on what you pick, but for the sake of keeping this guide simple, let’s stick with e-books.

Now, if you want to be lazy about this, all you need to do to create an e-book is create a simple Word document and start writing. Regardless of what you decide to write about, be sure to include lots of screenshots. This not only pads out the e-book, but it keeps the reader entertained.

Once you have your Word document open, it’s just a matter of finding a method to write about. This method doesn’t just have to be about making money, but you can even write about how to create bulk accounts on a platform (obviously, don’t write about creating bulk accounts on Black Hat World). If you don’t personally know any methods worth sharing, then know it’s not difficult to find a method online, put a twist on it, and write an entire e-book about it.

If you choose to go with writing an e-book, it’s important to know that e-books around the internet to have a problem with theft. You know, because it’s just a document that anyone can duplicate. But thankfully, you can find guides on protecting your e-book, like this one e-book protection guide written by one of the forum’s administrators.

Step 8: Submit a Sales Thread

Similarly to step 2, this is another step that we know people struggle with. It’s because there are a lot of rules for their marketplace. Like, a lot.

The good thing is that you don’t have to memorise every single rules, because we’re going to tell you an easy way to post a sales thread.

10 Tips For Posting A Marketplace Listing

  1. Read as many of the rules as you can. Yeah, it’s a lot, but it’ll save you from getting your service instantly rejected. Know that you can resubmit after a rejection, but only if you read the rejection reason and fix the issues.
  2. Avoid claims that can’t be verified. “Best”, “Safest”, “Make $1,000,000 an hour”. These will result in an immediate rejection.
  3. Go to the marketplace rules and read the exact chapter for your specific type of service. This will tell you what they’ll look for in the review.
  4. Include, at a minimum, a product or service description, your pricing, a refund policy, and off-forum contact details.
  5. Buyers found on BHW like using instant messaging services, so be sure to use Telegram or Skype for your off-forum contact details.
  6. For your refund policy, you can just put something as simple as “no refunds after delivery”. Just keep in mind that someone can use their dispute section to open a dispute against you if you don’t provide what you advertised and refuse to refund.
  7. Only advertise exactly what you’re offering. This will reduce the chances of someone opening a dispute against you and trying to get their money back.
  8. Be sure to list what payment methods you accept. Cryptocurrency and PayPal are very popular in the BHW marketplace.
  9. Look at what your competitors are doing. Take inspiration from them, don’t just copy their text.
  10. Invest in a sales graphic! If you have money to spare, you can pay someone to create a sales graphic for you to enhance the look of your listing. Just keep in mind that some of the community members find these annoying.

Step 9: Start Promoting Your Sales Thread

If you’ve passed the marketplace review, then congratulations! Now, you can do the fun part, which is promoting your sales thread.

Well, “fun” is subjective here, but it’s the part where you can start really making money on Black Hat World.

Even if you aren’t great at advertising, the nice thing about Black Hat World is that you don’t have to be! You can keep things as simple as engaging with the community, just as you’ve been doing, and people will express interest in what you have on sales. This is especially the case if you’re demonstrating knowledge in what you offer.

Still, we do have 8 tips on promoting your new sales thread on Black Hat World.

7 Tips For Promoting Your BHW Sales Thread.

  1. Bump your thread once every 72 hours with a promotional post in your listing. This is an easy way to get others to see your thread.
  2. Grab the URL of your marketplace thread and use a link shortener such as to shorten the link. Then, add that link as a homepage on your BHW profile. This link will show up to anyone use the desktop version of the website or landscape mode on their mobile device.
  3. If your signature space is no longer being rented by an advertiser, you can use this to promote your own sales thread.
  4. Fill out your BHW profile. Let others know who you are and be sure to link to your marketplace listing.
  5. Find appropriate and recently-posted Hire A Freelancer and Want To Buy threads and link to your marketplace thread. They literally tell you that you can do this in their section rules.
  6. Once you have more of a budget, rent out other people’s signature space. Use the same methods you used to advertise your own signature space to find others.
  7. For an extra $30, you can create what is essentially a second listing for the original list in their Hot Deals section. Just know that means you’d have to offer a considerable discount.

Step 10: Keep Building Up A Reputation

Finally, step 10 is to just keep building up a reputation on Black hat World. What we mean is keep interacting with the community by posting in threads outside of your sales listing, post your own threads sharing what you know, post a silly thread in the lounge every now and then; keep yourself active on the platform and in the community. Believe us, if you do it right, it’ll pay off.