Sycosure is a family-owned small business located in La Quinta, California. Our company was founded on September 26, 2013 at 10:46 a.m with the goal of providing small businesses and individuals with effective internet marketing & business process services.

We service clients both regionally and internationally, and specialise in working with small businesses and online marketplaces.

Sycosure Graphic Logo

2013: Beginnings

Sycosure was founded by Alistair Kavalt. In 2013, our services were very different to what they are now. Back then, we offered a wide range of services (and perhaps too many in hindsight) in order to fulfil the needs of local businesses here in Southern California.

Within our first year, we picked up several new clients for our photo retouching, graphic design (for print and web), and web design services; although, it was long after that we moved away from offering photo retouching services in favour of keeping our services related.

2015: Our First Big Client!

In February 2015, we landed our first big client, which was a law firm in Tucson, Arizona. Back then, we actually travelled to our clients' locations in order to take pictures of their offices for their websites (we still do this for our major clients when the opportunity presents itself).

Believe it or not, we still work with this law firm to this day by providing web maintenance services on a monthly basis!

2018: A Change In Direction

March 2018 was a big year for us. We actually shifted our focus from serving numerous small clients to contractually working for a few big clients we're still serving to this day.

2019: From Solo To Family-Owned

In February 2019, our founder brought his wife on board, thus changing Sycosure from solo business to a company operated by a married couple.

2022-Present: Onward

Over the years, our company has continued growing and we've had the pleasure with working with many talented people and amazing businesses.

As always, we hope to continue meeting new clients, and perhaps you'll be one of them!