Marketing on Revisited

Back in 2015, we wrote an article on the marketing potential of Today, we got bored enough to revisit Agar and get to the top of the leaderboard with the nickname “” again to see if anyone visited the website. As you can tell based on the featured image of this thread, nobody visited the website in the 30 minutes we were at the top of the leaderboard.

But don’t let our lack of results discourage you, because we did notice something interesting this time around. Whilst we were playing the game, we saw that two other people were advertising their own web properties: “Player A” and “Player B”.

Player A’s Strategy

Player A was advertising their Instagram account for Agar gaming hacks. This gaming hacks player appeared to purely just be a bot running multiple accounts on Agar in order to get to the top of the leaderboard, but they failed to make much progress. Their Instagram handle was very unclear and difficult to write down, and their nickname was even a little more confusing. When we looked over their Instagram, they had a private Instagram account (come on, really?), but we did see a link to a YouTube video in their bio.

The YouTube video was in the video game hacks niche with a bunch of Agar videos and was posted about 3 weeks ago, had about 20k views with about 20 comments. The channel definitely belonged to the same person who owned the Instagram account. It appeared that the comments were from genuine people, but based on the engagement rates of the videos, the account owner bought a bunch of views and subscribers to make their account look bigger than actually is. This

Player B’s Strategy

Player B was advertising their video game bot software and appeared to be either playing genuinely or with a very good bot. If it is a bot, chances are it’s their own and it seemed pretty good if we couldn’t tell.

They simply had their easy-to-type-in URL as their nickname. Honestly, this isn’t much to say about this user as they kept it quite simple; it’s a great example of advertising products in a low-effort way, albeit one that may annoy genuine players.

Is It Worth It To Market on

We can’t say whether or not it’s worth it as we do not own any video gaming properties to properly test this method. However, if you do have any content relevant to or video games, there does seem to be some marketing potential in advertising it in your nickname. We wouldn’t recommend sitting down and playing the game for long periods time just to advertise your own content as it’s time-consuming and there are better ways to market things yourself. However, if you have an effective bot for this, it is an option. Just know that there are drawbacks to botting the platform.