Where To Get A Free Domain And Web Hosting For 1 Year

  • Hostinger Free Domain And Web Hosting

Hostinger Free Domain And Web Hosting

So I found this offer on a site called Hostinger (just so you know, there will be no affiliate links in this article) that I thought some of you cheapskates would appreciate. They’re offering a free domain and web hosting for a limited time, but I’m sure you’re wondering what the catch is, right?

Free Domain: What’s The Catch?

All right, so here’s the catch with the free domain: it’s free… for the first year. After the first year, you’ll have to pay to renew it. Now I’m sure you’re wondering how much you’ll have to pay, and I’m assuming the cost to renew the domain will be similar to the cost from other domain registrars, which is $10.88/year.

There’s also one other thing you should be aware of: in case you missed it in the header image, only their .xyz domains are free for the first year. This means you won’t procure the coveted .com, .org, or .net version of the domain you want for free from this offer.

You can order a free domain from Hostinger here.

Free Hosting: What’s The Catch?

Their free hosting looks comparable to other free hosts such as Freehostia and Awardspace, so I’m assuming that it remains free until you decide to upgrade. While my own experience with free hosting services from other web hosting providers has been positive when I used them for new websites, I’ve never used Hostinger, so I can’t comment on the real quality of their free hosting.

You can order Hostinger’s free hosting here.

Is This Free Domain And Web Hosting From Hostinger Right For Me?

If you’re fine with an .xyz domain in lieu of a .com or other top-level domain (TLD), then you should definitely try out the free domain. If you’re fine with a website that might be a bit slower than others, then their web hosting might also work for you. If you’re fine with both a free domain and web hosting from Hostinger based on what I described above, then you should take advantage of this offer before it expires.

Alistair Kavalt