Your Cold Email Templates Are Terrible, And Here’s Why

  • exampel of terrible cold email templates

exampel of terrible cold email templates

Look at this clown; look at him just putting no effort into his cold email templates. He defies all logic with that cold email. But what exactly makes cold email templates used by this guy and the thousands of other purported email marketers terrible?

I’ll tell you what makes it terrible, it’s impersonal and uninteresting.

Email marketing isn’t my speciality, although from the perspective of the recipient, there’s absolutely nothing in that email to pique my interest. If you want to see an interesting cold email template, keep reading the article or skip to the bottom of the page, but I suggest you keep reading.

What Not To Do In Your Cold Email Templates

Don’t Address The Recipient By Their Website URL

I’m not a website, Brad. I’m a person, but more importantly, I’m a person with a name. Not using my name anywhere in your shoddy ad copy let’ me know that you were too lazy to search for my name because you were too busy spamming contact forms with your bot, so why would I hire someone so lazy? Also, capitalising every word in, “Dear Owner”, doesn’t suddenly make it a name, either.

Don’t Email Me With Services That I Sell

It shouldn’t take long for anyone to figure out that I sell SEO on this website, so it should be quite obvious that I already do SEO on this site. However, Brad isn’t the most astute person alive, so when his bot created the cold email templates he sends out, he didn’t bother checking who they went to. Selling me a service when your. Speaking of selling SEO…

Don’t Try To Sell Me SEO When Your Own Site Needs SEO

how not to create cold email templatesBrad’s website has a page authority of 1 (the lowest number) and a domain of authority of 1 (also the lowest number), yet he bothered putting this in his cold email templates. If those numbers don’t mean anything to you(and to be honest, they’re not all that accurate), Brad’s website barely ranks for their domain name and it doesn’t rank for any other keywords.

Don’t Leave Breadcrumbs Leading To Your Past Spamming Attempts

Brad Lecar Spammer

Brad didn’t follow this rule, and now I know that he spams many others with the same name and different companies in all of his cold email templates. Either he really worked for those companies and he can’t hold a job, or he’s lying (definitely the latter).

Examples of Cold Email Templates That Are Much Better Than Brad’s Template.

By doing the opposite of what brad did, here is an example of a cold email template that would be much better than Brad’s template.

Subject: [Insert name], there’s something you should know about your website


Hi [insert recipient’s name],

My name is [inset your name] and I have a few ideas for your website that I’m certain you would very interested in

[insert ideas a few ideas]

I recently used these ideas for a few of my current clients, one of which is another [insert a client who is in a similar profession as the recipient]

Please let me know if this is something that you would be interested in.

-[Insert Your Name]

Look at that! 100 times better than Brad’s template, and off the top of my head, too. The subject sounds ominous, but it piques the readers interest enough for them to open it, the body is quick and to the point, and you could even skip putting your ideas in the email and leaving some mystery to it; and most importantly the email is personal by mentioning the recipient’s name, profession, and by showing them that you’ve done work for similar people. This is the type of person I want to buy from, not Brad and his low-ranking garbage website.