Why Is Google So Popular? Here Are 5 Reasons

Why is Google so popular
Why Is Google Popular? That question will be answered here.


You most likely found this page by searching for “Why is Google so popular” on Google. To answer your question, Google’s popularity is really the direct result of a “domino effect”, meaning that one event led to another event, which led to another event to make Google the corporate giant it is today.

However, you may still be wondering “why is Google so popular” and you may be wondering about the specific details. So, without further ado, here are the 5 reasons for Google’s popularity.

Why Is Google So Popular? Here Are The 5 Reasons

Reason #1: It’s Simple

Google came in around the time that search engines integrated their search engine page with a News page, ads, and an email page, resulting in a cluttered mess that few people cared for. When Google came in with their simplistic design of a header image and a search bar, this simplicity helped Google gain traction.

Reason #2: It Was Accurate

Google’s search engine was accurate for a long time. With their frequent algorithm updates that increased the accuracy of the search engine results pages (SERPs) even further, it’s no wonder why they became “the most popular search engine in the world”.

However, these days, depending on your search queries, you may find that Bing or Yahoo are more accurate, although few people can be bothered to switch from Google.

Reason #3: It’s Brandable

Google is simple to say (or “fun” according to some people) and its logo is simple and memorable.

Reason #4: It’s Great For Advertising

Now, because Google is the most popular search engine, this has also made it popular among advertisers and publishers due the large volume of monthly traffic it receives. Other reasons include the, again, useful tools provide by Google to manage their site, increase their ranking in the SERPs, optimise their SEO, and the list goes on.

Reason #5: It’s Romanticised

Google is a romanticised brand. Since it has been propagated by media and adolescents, it has become recognised as the “best search engine in the world”. Since most people also do not understand what makes a good search engine, they assume that Google is the best search engine because their 13 year old son said so. Even if the quality of search results is lower than its competitors (Bing, Yahoo, etcetera), this doesn’t matter in the end because Google has so much branding backing it up that many people would rather not switch to a new search engine. On an additional note, because Google’s subsidiaries are also brands themselves (such as YouTube, Picasa, and Android), this has made Google an even more popular among the general public since they can now use a variety of useful products and services “all in one place”.

“Why Is Google So Popular? Here Are 5 Reasons” Conclusion

When all of these factors are coalesced, it creates a powerful entity which controls 80% of all web searches. Because Google knows that its publishers, advertisers, and visitors are unlikely to go to a competitors search engine.