What You Need To Know About Churn and Burn SEO

Churn and Burn SEO

What if I told you that some people create money websites knowing that all of their hard work would by crushed by a manual penalty from Google? You would say that sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s exactly what a churn and burn SEO website is, however, their is a very good reason why they would create a churn and burn SEO website even if their results are only temporary. Now, you may be wondering what a “churn and burn” SEO website is, and I’m going to go over that to day and offer an explanation as to why some black hat search engine optimisers do it.

Just What Exactly Is Churn And Burn SEO?

Despite the name and the image above, Churn and burn SEO has absolutely nothing to do with churning butter or burning a churn. Churn and burn SEO, colloquially referred to by some Internet marketers as a “rank and bank” method, is usually performed in the following steps (without going into too much detail):

Step 1: Preparation

The black hat search engine optimiser will need to register a few domain names: an expired domain (Domain 3) with some authority (which will be deindexed using Google Webmaster Tools and 301 redirected to Domain 2), a new domain (Domain 2) which will receive the link juice from Domain 3, and a primary domain (Domain 1) which will be where your content will be hosted.

The search engine optimiser will also need content for their churn and burn SEO project. This content can be copied from their own old websites or it can be scraped from other websites.

Note: It’s important that the black hat search engine optimiser separates the domains by using different hosting accounts as well as different Google Webmaster accounts.

Step 2: Building A Website

The black hat SEOer will build the website on Domain 1. This is done with usually done with WordPress due to the ease of creating new websites. If the search engine optimiser has any old content from previous churn and burn SEO projects, they can transfer that content to the new domain.

Step 3: Ranking The Website

The website is ranked by using link networks such as SAPE or tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranker. The links are created for Domain 3, which transfer 90% of the link juice to Domain 2, which transfer 90% of that link juice to Domain 1 (your primary domain).

Note: It’s important to use a proxy to avoid detection.

Step 4: Monetise The Website

Next, the search engine optimiser will either use an ad network, sell products, or place a lead generation form on Domain 1 (allowing them to make money due to high traffic you will be receiving).

Step 5: Wait For The Website To Get Penalised

After a few weeks or months, they wait until the website on Domain 1 to get penalised. Since only Domain 1 will get penalised, this will leave Domains 2 & 3 safe (meaning they will retain their link juice since they were deindexed at the beginning of the churn and burn SEO project).

Step 6: Manually Deindex The Website

Once the website is penalised, the webmaster will use Google Webmaster Tools to deindex the entire website.

Step 7: Transfer The Website

After the website has been deindexed completely, the webmaster will dispose of the penalised domain and transfer their entire website over to a new domain, where they will 301 redirect Domain 2 to the new domain.

Step 8: Rinse & Repeat

  • The webmaster will then rinse and repeat this as many times as he or she wants to untl they achieve the desired result.

How Do Webmasters Monetise With Churn And Burn SEO Websites?

There are many ways to monetise a churn and burn website. The most asinine way is use a Google service such as Adsense since using churn and burn SEO methods on Google, which is obviously against the Google Webmaster Guidelines, usually means Google will not be too fond of you in the first place. However, there are other monetisation methods available by using the following networks:

  • Adsense
  • AdSimilis
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Chitika
  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • CPALead
  • EvoLeads
  • FileIce
  • MaxBounty
  • NeverBlue
  • PeerFly
  • WolfstormMedia

Should I Be Worried About Anything When Using Churn And Burn SEO Tactics?

Yes! There are quite a few things you should be worried about if you use a churn and burn website, especially if you prefer staying out of trouble like myself.

  1. The domain you used will get penalised.
  2. You’ll have to move all of your content to a new website.
  3. You could possibly get banned from your ad network (especially if you’re using Adsense)
  4. If the method is performed incorrectly, Google could catch on to what you are doing and penalise your churn and burn SEO websites and other associated websites before you can even make any money.

In addition to this, churn and burn SEO tactics are not for the following people:

  • Companies that care about their brand.
  • Webmasters looking to build an authority website.
  • Bloggers who are looking to create a presence in their niche.
  • Individuals looking to build a reputation

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