My Experience With Buying Fiverr YouTube Views

  • Fiverr YouTube Views Experience

Fiverr YouTube Views Experience

I’ll admit it, I bought 10,000 YouTube views for one of my videos in the past. For those of you who don’t know, I often test methods I read about and either post about them here or use them for my own projects.

Needless to say, it was the first time I had ever bought Fiverr YouTube views and it will most likely be the last time I buy Fiverr YouTube views. While the video I used to test this method  views received a portion of the views I ordered, which I’ll elaborate on in a moment, and now ranks on the first page of YouTube’s search results for the keywords I wanted to rank it for, I still feel that I had an “interesting” experience buying YouTube views. So what exactly is it like to buy YouTube Fiverr views?

The Process Of Buying Fiverr YouTube Views

After you submit your order for the gig you selected, you’ll immediately receive an automated message from the seller asking you for your video link.

Fiverr YouTube Views first message
I’m not entirely sure why I bothered censoring the name the first time.

“Warm regards”, she says. Obviously, they need your video URL, otherwise they will not know where to direct their traffic! So then you send them your URL so that you can start receiving your Fiverr YouTube views.

Fiverr YouTube Views second message

Next, you’ll receive an order confirmation message with a little motor scooter graphic that suggests that your order will be sent moderately fast between 35-40 mile per hour, unless it’s in a residential neighbourhood where it will slow to a constant 25 mile per hour. Notice the date at the end of the message, this will become important later on in this article as that date is the deadline.

Fiverr YouTube Views third message


The next day, you’ll receive a message from the seller in broken English that thanks you “for your order so much [sic]” before subsequently telling you that your order has been “added successful [sic] in our system”.

Fiverr YouTube Views fourth message

Then everything goes quiet… “What’s going on”, you wonder. “Why haven’t they updated my order”? Your amusingly vivid imagination then begins to take over and you assume the worst. “What if their servers went down? What if they wasted my time? What if… They died!?” That is until…

Fiverr YouTube Views cancel order

A message with a safety alert symbol appears in your inbox. At this juncture, you’re probably panicking or you’re contemplating cancelling your order (or both!). But you’re not impatient, so you decide to wait a little longer. Then, lo and behold, your order arrives last minute.

Fiverr YouTube Views delivered

Hooray, your order has arrived… incomplete and with your view counter stuck at 6,000 views due to illegitimate Fiverr YouTube views (probably bot views). But don’t worry, the seller will contact you a few moments later briefly addressing your conundrum and assuring you that you can ask her any questions before she makes an endeavour to coax you into giving her a positive review by enticing you with “a little something extra” (extra Fiverr YouTube views).

Fiverr YouTube Views broken English

However, after she receives her payment for your order or the order automatically gets marked as complete 3 days later, she’ll never respond to you again and you’re left feeling abandoned with an incomplete order containing low-retention views from Kazakhstan that are constantly getting rolled back until you only have 2,000 views or less left. You may try to send a message to the seller about the abysmal service you received, only to stumble upon this.

Fiverr YouTube Views seller banned


Congratulations, order complete…

Fiverr YouTube Views Order Complete

On the bright side, at least the video is getting real views now.

Alistair Kavalt