What Is Link Velocity And Can It Harm Your Rankings?

  • Link Velocity

Link Velocity

Link velocity is an SEO term that you don’t hear about very often but you may often notice through “drip feed” link building services. Link velocity is simply the rate at which you are building your backlinks. However, the SEO community has managed to complicate this by saying that building links “too quickly” or “too slowly” will result in a penalty. This has resulted in many link building services introducing of drip feed services and speculations about the speed at which you procure links is a Google factor. However, does link velocity matter and is it a real factor that could affect your rankings?

Does Link Velocity Matter?

There are cases where link velocity matters and cases where it doesn’t matter at all. For example, if you own a website that typically doesn’t receive backlinks and you suddenly begin building thousands of backlinks with unvaried anchor text out of nowhere, then of course link velocity matters since this will increase the chance that you will receive the “unnatural links to your site” manual penalty from Google.

On the other hand, if you own a churn and burn SEO website, then you should disregard link velocity as churn and burn sites will inevitably get penalised anyway.

Is Link Velocity An SEO Factor?

Based on my own research, I have never found anything that states whether or not link velocity is a direct factor in Google’s algorithm, although I suppose you can say that is an “indirect” factor.

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