The Difference Between B2B SEO & B2C SEO



There are a couple of subsets of SEO that many search engine optimisers don’t know about called B2B SEO and B2C SEO. So, what are these 2 subsets and what’s the difference between them?

What Is B2B SEO

B2B SEO is SEO that is performed with the goal of converting traffic where the visitors are business owners into leads from prospects (this includes targeting keywords that business owners are more likely to search).In other words, a simple landing pages with a huge call-to-action (CTA) above the fold that says “buy now” isn’t going to be enough to convert this type of traffic. Since business owners are more reluctant to just click “add to cart” for a service that they’ve discovered over the Internet, the goal of a B2B search engine optimised website is to create an interest. which will later lead to a conversion after a meeting or sine form of communication. for the website owner’s products or services that are created for the other business owners.

What Is B2C SEO

B2C SEO, which is much more common than B2B SEO, is a search engine optimisation strategy that focuses on converting regular visitors (your average person) into paying customers through a website. Unlike B2B SEO, B2C SEO allows you to focus your efforts on obtaining a conversion over the Internet without as much effort (and possibly without ever speaking to the customer first).

Which One Should I Choose For My Website: B2B SEO Or B2C SEO

While the answer might seem obvious (B2B SEO for businesses looking to work with other business and B2C SEO for businesses looking to work with consumers), sometimes you can get away with working on the “wrong” type of SEO. For example, and Internet marketing company (such as my own) can perform B2C SEO for stand-alone search engine optimisation services (such as keyword research) without having to go through the extra effort that accompanies B2B SEO.

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