How To Make Money On Tsu: The Fast Way

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Update December 2016: closed down several months ago, so after today, this article will no longer be updated. For those of you interested in knowing if anyone had any success with Tsu, a member on Black Hat World named delo01 had a journey going on since Tsu started back in 2014. After 2 years of perseverance, he managed to make $4,201. You can read about his journey here on Black Hat World.

“How to make money on Tsu”, that is the question that many people who are using the new social network are asking. If you read my previous article about Tsu titled, “Tsu: A Social Media Network That Pays You To Post”, then you would know that Tsu is a social network that pays you for the content you create. But just how exactly do you make the most of this?

Disclaimer: While the social network Tsu pays you to post, they don’t actually pay much, so don’t expect to generate much revenue from these endeavours.

How To Make Money On Tsu: Understanding Tsu Users

How To Make Money On Tsu: Users
Red: Internet marketers. Blue: E-whores. Everyone else is just desperate to earn money.

Before I tell you how to make money on Tsu, you need to understand the current behaviour of Tsu users. Right now, Tsu is in its infancy, so the only users it is attracting are black hat Internet marketers (e-whores, brand jackers, etcetera), people trying to prevent brand jacking (including myself), and people desperate to make money. In this section on how to make money on Tsu, we will be focusing on the Internet marketers.

Currently, you will notice that many of the Internet marketers who are promoting products, pornography, or fake profiles on women are following an exorbitant number of people. The reason for this is simple: Tsu marketers are following each other so that if regular social media users decide to use the network, the marketers will be able to capitalise on their own “popularity” and even possibly sell the accounts in the future.

How To Make Money On Tsu: How you are Paid

Tsu Analytics

You will be paid through the bank section of Tsu, but exactly how much you actually make can be determined based on how much everyone else gets from your earnings.

  • Tsu gets 10%
  • You get 50% of that 90% that’s left
  • The other 50% is split into 1/3 and goes to everyone who invited the content creator

How To Make Money On Tsu: The Script Way

How To Make Money On Tsu Javascript

Now that you understand how people are planning to make money on Tsu, you can devise a way to improve upon their current method. Now, I present to you a way to improve their method by using a script:

Update March 2016: I created a shorter new script that works for Tsu below. I tested everything and it works, although be very careful when using this script as Tsu’s servers will temporarily ban your IP address for a few hours if you rapidly use the script (503 error code; I switched networks while testing this).


Installing the script is simple: create a bookmark, name it anything you want, and on the box where you would normally insert the URL, insert the javascript code above.

The way you use this scipt is by going to a profile that has a copious number of followers, viewing their followers, loading around 100 of their followers, and then clicking the bookmark button that you created to follow all of them. This takes about 15 seconds to complete each time, but it is much faster than manually adding 1,000 followers.

Once you have 1,000 followers, Tsu will not allow you to add any more (as mentioned in my previous article about Tsu).

Tips For Using The Script Properly

  • Do not use the script on more than 120 followers at the same time. This causes Tsu’s to IP block you for a few hours.
  • Tsu may consider rapidly following people as “spam”, which is against their TOS. I may or may not have been IP blacklisted from their website while I was testing this method because of this.
  • Do not use the script on pages where you are already following people. Doing so will cause you to unfollow the people you are currently following.

How To Make Money On Tsu: The Friendly Way

Tsu Features

Did you think you could just follow 1,000 people and stop there? No, now you need to add 5,000 friends to gain even more exposure than before. At this juncture, you have 2 options for adding friends: waiting for them to add you or aggressively adding them. I suggest waiting for people to send you friend requests to avoid seeming like a spammer on Tsu (which could get you banned).

How To Make Money On Tsu: Sharing Content

Tsu Content


Now that you have 6,000 connections (not counting your followers) on Tsu, you have the potential to make money both with Tsu and your own products. To make the most out of this, only share your own content as this will give you even more exposure off of Tsu. The content can be anything such as photos and videos, it just has to be some kind of content.

How To Make Money On Tsu: Getting Paid

Sycosure Tsu

Once you have your desired amount of money, you can then redeem your money that you earned on Tsu by going to the bank section and pressing the “Redeem” button. Tsu apparently on sends checks to your address, and if you made over $600, Tsu will require your SSN for legal and tax purposes before they send you a check.


I doubt Tsu will ever be a great way to make money, but you never know. Also, as I mentioned in my other Tsu article, if you want me to send you a free invite to Tsu, just contact me on my contact page.

Alistair Kavalt