Joining SEO Forums

To end the CF-SEO Course, I’d like to provide a bit of information of joining SEO forums. You see, SEO forums can be a great source of new information regarding algorithm updates and tactics. SEO forums can also be a great place to forum business connections with like-minded people who can either serve as a source of inspiration for you to do better or you can serve as a source of inspiration for them to do better.

Now, with so many options, you may be wondering which SEO Forum is the best one to join, and I’m going to give you my honest opinion on this: it depends on your preferences. Below, I’ve written an admittedly biased description of what I believe to be the top 3 SEO forums based on information I gathered when I extensively looked into all 3 of thembefore joining the first one.

The Top 3 SEO Forums

1. Black Hat World

This is definitely my top pick. If you try to look for a list of the best SEO forums on the net, you probably won’t see Black Hat World as there are quite a few misconceptions about it, but this forum is definitely my favourite and the one I recommend to anyone who’s looking to join and SEO forum.


  • It has an excellent moderation.
  • The advice given be respected members is amazing.
  • There’s an abundant supply of useful threads.


  • Occasionally, new members may post ridiculous questions or spam, but this is handled quickly by the moderators.
  • Like every online community, it has its share of shady characters, although these people are banned fairly quickly.

2. Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire was my second choice before I choose Black Hat World (although you can join multiple SEO forums, I just choose not to do this). It doesn’t seem to have as many active users as Black Hat World, but the community seems pretty laid-back and welcoming to new members.


  • You can find some decent threads on affiliate marketing.
  • The community is fairly laid-back.


  • The members there can be a bit immature at times (really, they have a whole section dedicated to nude pictures), although they’re still pretty friendly.
  • It seemed a bit inactive compared to other SEO forums.

3. Warrior Forum

You’ve probably seen Warrior Forum in a top 10 list somewhere on the Internet, although I placed it last on my list. While Warrior Forum can present you with a great opportunity to sell your products, I didn’t care much for the rest of the forum¬†due to not being able to find any good information there during the times I had stumbled upon the site.


  • It can be a great place to sell products and services


  • Most (but not all) of the products I’ve seen there are abysmal.
  • I’ve noticed a lot of misinformation regarding SEO there.

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