The Importance of the Post Slug

The post slug is the part of the post’s URL that is used to identify the post (e.g., slug). Creating a user-friendly version of the post slug has several benefits for both users and search engines.

Benefits To Users

Users who see an easy-to-remember post slug can easily gain access to the page by typing out the URL. Most modern browsers have an autofill feature, so this benefit may be considered obsolete now.

Another benefit to creating a user-friendly post slug is that it’s easy on the eyes. Many Internet users who see long arbitrary URLs may assume they’re on an unsafe website and exit immediately, so shortening your post slugs can be a great way of putting them at ease.

Benefits To Search Engines

The big SEO benefit to creating a post slug is that you can include your keyword in the post slug. You may have noticed that search engines tend to highlight any instance of a keyword in their search results, and one place that the keyword is highlighted is in your post slug.

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