Internal Linking Structure

Your internal link structure is important for spreading link equity (ranking power) across your website, and it’s because of this that it’s important to choose a good internal link structure like the example site structure shown on Grow With SMS. This is a topic that was covered quite a bit here on Sycosure as shown by the excerpt below from an article that was previously on this site titled, “Poor Website Ranking? Here Are 15 Reasons Why”.

Internal linking is the process of linking other, often related posts and pages. An example of this would be me linking this article to another article about SEO (Did you see what I did there? That’s internal linking). Internal linking not only gives your visitors more related content to consume, but it also allows the web spider to easily find and index your pages. If you do not have many internal links, this could be a cause for your poor website ranking.

Think of internal link building as the foundation for a house; having beams and walls in specific parts of the house help hold it up and prevent it from crumbling down on your head.

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