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Adsense Pin

If you’re reading this article, you either have not received your Adsense PIN in the mail (which is quite common in areas with poor postal service) or you’re in a predicament where you cannot receive the Adsense PIN. Either way, you have another option to activate your Adsense account without the PIN number from Adsense. However, before I explain this method to you, I would like to provide you with a warning about this method as Google has a few rules about it.

Before Using This Method…

While there isn’t anything wrong or illegal about this method, Google does have a few stipulations before you are allowed to use it.

  1. Your account must have $10 or more from Adsense.
  2. You must have requested 3 Adsense PINs (with all of them failing or “failing” to arrive).
  3. You must wait approximately 4 weeks from your last PIN request (this means you must wait a total of 16 weeks since Adsense PINs take 2-4 weeks to arrive).
  4. The document you send must be an official document (e.g., government-issued ID, passport, domestic bill, etcetera).

Steps To Activate Adsense Without An Adsense PIN

If you have requested 3 Adsense PINs, waited a total of 16 weeks, failed to receive your PIN, and made more than $9.99, then Google will allow you to use this method and you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into your Adsense or Google account.
  2. Visit the Personal Identification Number Troubleshooter.
  3. Answer the questions in the following order: Yes (Are your earnings greater than the verification threshold?), No (Have you received your PIN?), and Yes (Have you already requested two replacement PINs?).
  4. Fill out the form which will ask you for your name, contact e-mail address, Adsense publisher ID, and proof of identification (this is where you will upload a copy of your “official document”.
  5. Click “Submit”.

Within a few days, you should receive an e-mail that tells you whether or not the account activation was successful. In the event that it was unsuccessful, try uploading a different document.

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Alistair Kavalt