About Sycosure


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Sycosure is a registered Internet marketing company located in La Quinta, California. The company was founded in September 2013 with the initial goal of providing law firms with affordable Internet marketing services, though we’ve since served a more general audience. In addition to this, our blog, which is also on this website, features articles that educate our clients and visitors on how Internet marketing works, ways to improve the security of their website, and tips on how they can improve their online marketing strategies.

Sycosure aims to redefine the way consumers see Internet marketing by offering an innovative approach to Internet marketing, great customer service, and high quality services. In fact, we kick it up a notch by meeting with our clients in-person in order to gain a better understanding on their business, take photos for your website, and get to know our clients on a more personal level. It’s because of this that we only serve businesses located in California and Arizona, as travelling outside of these states would be too costly and force us to lower the quality of our services for out-of-range clients.

The Logo

The logo, which is often referred to in alternative text as a “double crescent moon”, was created accidentally in Adobe Illustrator when a a duplicate circle deleted a portion of the original circle, creating the crescents you can currently see in the logo.

Our Products

Our free products were originally created for the online marketing forum Black Hat World. After some deliberation, we decided to also offer the products here for free as well.

Our Tutorials

Our free SEO course was created to act as a alternative to the paid SEO courses many other sites offer. The CF-SEO course was also designed to be distraction-free, that is we don’t monetise the tutorial in any way (no ads and no affiliate links). While nothing in the course is revolutionary information, it’s a great way to start learning more about the basics of the SEO industry.