Website Maintenance

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your website to ensure that your website remains visible to users around the globe. If we suspect that your website is down for a longer period of time than it usually is, we'll alert and help you correct this issue as soon as it comes to our attention.

Content Updates

If you have content that you want to add, replace, or remove, we'll do it for you!

CMS/Plugin Updates

Content management systems like WordPress need to be updated along with any plugins that you may have as these updates usually patch security vulnerabilities.

Full Website Offsite Backups

This is a must for any of our website maintenance services. In the event that your website fails, we'll keep a backup of your website on our hard drives and online so that we can swiftly restore your website.

Security Checks & Improvements

By using 3rd party software or plugins, we run security checks to ensure that your site remains secure. You'll be alerted of any weak points in your website, which will be patched.

Unmaintained Elements Replacement 

For WordPress websites, if we notice a theme or plugin is unmaintained for a long period of time, we'll alert you and replace these elements for you.