Local Online Marketing

On-Page SEO

During the auditing phase, we analyse your on-page SEO strategy by checking for instances of keyword cannibalisation, high keyword density, improper header tag usage, high outbound links, poor internal link building, non-mobile friendly pages, lack of image alt tags, non-user-friendly page slugs, lack of LSI keywords, a difficult-to-navigate site structure, and more. We then fix the issues after finding them.

Local Citations

Your name, address, and phone number in business directories; also known as local citations, are used by Google as a way of confirming that your website is indeed a local business. This is why it's important to ensure that they're consistent across directories, which is why we go over your current citations and add new citations for your business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is often ignored by search engine optimisers, but it's still an important part of SEO. URL canonicalisation, page speed, no-indexed pages, image compression, 404 errors, and certain coding errors are all checked during our site audit and fixed as they're found

Analytics Analysis

We analyse your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data in order to form an initial online marketing strategy that's tailored specifically for your website. Over time, as we make improvements to your website, we'll revise our online marketing based on the data we receive.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the process of improving your current conversion rate in order to make the most out of the traffic you receive. We do this by making design improvements to your web page and by tweaking pages titles to garner interest from web searches.

Content Marketing

For businesses and individuals with blogs, content marketing can benefit your website by creating and distributing useful content that can potentially attract new visitors and procure backlinks in an indirect fashion.