Easily Get A Google Adsense Approval Letter

The following guide is based on my Black Hat World Adsense guide. Now, many people have trouble getting an Adsense approval, but it’s actually not that difficult. Today, I’ll be covering exactly how I got my Adsense approval letter, and believe me when I say it’s ridiculously easy.

Part 1: Disqualifying Issues

Don’t you just hate it when you’re reading through a guide and halfway through it you find something in there that would disqualify you from doing whatever it is you were reading about? I don’t like it when that happens either, which is why I’m starting off with a list of potential issues that would disqualify you from applying to Adsense.

  • Tampered Adsense codes
  • Adult content
  • Bot traffic, especially if your intention with the traffic is to click ads
  • Anything that would cause poor user experience such as endless obstructive popups, malware, and links that go where they shouldn’t
  • Websites in languages not featured in this list: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/9727
  • Content encouraging users to clicks on your ads
  • Websites with counterfeit goods
  • Websites that violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Sites that are not willing to display a privacy policy
  • Under construction pages
  • Difficult site navigation
  • Insufficient content (I’ve never received a direct answer about this, but I assume how much is too little depends on who is reviewing your site)
  • Illicit material (child porn, theft, etcetera)
  • Copyrighted material (stolen content)
  • Websites under 6 months old (this only applies to specific countries)
  • Anything else on this page: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182

Part 2: Design

Due to the numerous design features that web designers and developers employ, the best advice I can give regarding this topic is to make the site presentable. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a fancy website with CSS3 styles and 70 MP images.


Part 3: Essential Pages

The following pages are the pages I had on my own website when I got it approved. While the only page that is required by Google Adsense is a privacy policy as stated on their “Required Content” support page, I recommend adding these additional pages to your site in addition to any posts or pages you currently have on your website:

  • Privacy Policy: This should mention the DoubleClick advertising cookie. A privacy policy generator is a great way to complete this page.
  • Contact Page: I once read an Adsense rejection email that mentioned this as being a required page
  • Terms Of Service: The rules of your site. You can use any TOS generator to get this done
  • Antispam Policy: This policy lets users know you’re not associated with any web spam. This antispam policy template should suffice
  • Copyright Notice: This just lets visitors know who owns the content on the site. Just find a similar site in your niche and replace their information with your information (spin it a little if you want to)
  • FAQ: This page isn’t as important as the others, but it doesn’t hurt to add it
  • About Pages: This page just summarises what your site is about

Part 4: Adsense FAQ

These are questions about Adsense I’ve seen around the forum at one time or another.

Question 1: How many posts and pages do I need?

There’s no exact number of posts or pages you need, but it’s best to “fill up” your website with quality content in order to increase your chances of getting approved (as one rejection letter I read stated “insufficient content” and “not enough text” as an issue. If the explanation was too vague for you, I believe I had around 50 pages on the site I used for my Adsense application, but think of this as a golden number.

Question 2: Why Aren’t My Ads Appearing If I Got Approved?

Google has a list of the most common reasons here as well as a troubleshooter to help you figure it out. Use it.

Question 3: Why Didn’t My Application Get Approved After Reading Your Guide?

This isn’t a perfect guide, but Adsense will send you an email with the reason for your application’s rejection. If you want to see a few samples emails, you can view them on this site.

Question 4: Do you need a certain number of visitors to get approved?

Not from what I know. When I first applied, the site I got approved only received about 30-50 unique visitors a day (possibly even less).

Question 5: Can I Get Approved With A Subdomain?


Alistair Kavalt